Are you ready
to scale?

We help entrepreneurs scale ventures by clarifying priorities for best in class execution.

Nurture and grow your startup into a scale-up
– a challenge for all founders!

Having worked in the fast-moving tech business for 25+ years managing teams of up to 150, I constantly had a main hurdle. How does the team

  • “Get stuff done” in a self-managing manner?
  • Act fast and solve issues independently whilst being highly motivated?
  • Reach their goals successfully and having lots of fun?

Many years of experience have been summarized into the Rosebud Ventures scaling toolkit & method.

Founder Rosebud Ventures


“Our team had a burning need to align priorities, management and communication before scaling. Working with Rosebud Ventures really helped us align on all of those. Maria got us in a position to scale and gave us confidence in doing so with less headache and surprises”

Marcus, Dimitar & Joakim
Founders of Twigeo

“We find our team at Twigeo working more efficiently than before towards more meaningful and clear goals all thanks to the Rosebud Ventures toolkit! It has helped us see the larger picture of where we as a team are headed by identifying our aspirations and blind spots. The clarity of the Rosebud way gave us so much energy!”

Uditi Shah & Naiara Seara
Designers at Twigeo

“Rosebud Ventures supported us in uniting our team spread out on two continents and five locations during a three day workshop. A challenging task but the Rosebud toolkit made it possible. During this short time we clarified go to market tactics, organizational gaps, the customer journey and important operational priorities! Moreover, the toolkit is a solid platform for forthcoming collaboration in our distributed team”

Jonne Hellgren
Founder & CEO Repack

“Rosebud Ventures helped us align the team by segmenting customer behavior and needs for better priorities. Also, by validating the Bluecall offering with open ended customer interviews allowed us to focus joint work towards product market fit.”

Lisa, Caroline och Tamara
Founders of BlueCall

“Textalk group consist of three tech businesses in various stages of growth with nine owners. To transition the ownership agenda and secure our success in all units Rosebud has helped us to align CEOs with the owners agendas by co-creating scaling roadmaps. Thus aligning founders, CEOs and teams to rally around a joint journey for success”

Owners & Management
Textalk Group

Rosebud Ventures helped us transition from a small company mindset to a scale-up mindset. We doubled our turnover from 10 mSEK to 20 mSEK during Marias coaching period. In essence we became “Ready to scale.”

Founder Sitoo AB


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